Math Outreach

ASEF Science Expo - Spring 2024 | COSAM Outreach, Auburn University

EmpowHER - Fall 2023 | COSAM Outreach, Auburn University

< The Team (from left): Dr. Songling Shan, Dr. Melinda Lanius, Isabel Harris, Me.

Dr. Shan created an activity about the famous Four Color Theorem from Graph Theory, while Melinda created an activity that introduced students to mathematical induction - all with interactive, tactile manipulatives!

My exhibit, "Delightful Designs", introduced students to Combinatorial Design Theory.

Whac-A-MOLS students explored Latin Squares and what it means for a set of Latin Squares to be mutually orthogonal.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? Students constructed a Steiner Triple System of order 7 disguised as planting a flower garden in a specific way.

Destination STEM 2023 | COSAM Outreach, Auburn University

I designed and exhibited a booth called "Fun with Fractals" with my friend and colleague Evan Leonard.

Evan's Creation (and a big hit with the kids!) 

The Sierpinski Color by Number. Each student who visited the booth was invited to contribute an autographed triangle sticker to the poster.

Measuring Mobile Bay. Students explored the coastline paradox by measuring the length of the Mobile Bay shoreline with colored wire and comparing the length of their wire to previous booth visitors'.

"Maybe you haven't heard of fractals, but you've heard of Elsa, right?"

How to construct a Menger Sponge.

EmpowHER - Spring 2023 | COSAM Outreach, Auburn University

The Bridges of Konigsberg: a lesson in revising conjectures 

Students explored the impossible problem of the 7 bridges of Konigsberg - find a route through all the bridges that ends up back where you started, but you are allowed to cross each bridge exactly once.

Destination STEM 2022 | COSAM Outreach, Auburn University

The Origami Funhouse Students explored geometry through modular origami figures, origami fidget toys, and constructing the cube root of 2 by folding paper.

Association for Women in Math | Auburn University

Math Faculty Appreciation Cards 

A yearly project where we write appreciation notes to women math & stats faculty and staff.