Math-Related Art & Models

Rainbow Pi A 65x65 grid where each cell is a digit of pi, read from left to right starting in the top left corner. Each digit 0-9 is assigned a different color.

Partying with the conics 3D models of a hyperbola, an ellipse, and a parabola as slices of a cone. It's just party hats, cardstock, and some hot glue.


The R3 Graphing Box A hands-on, computer-free way for students to visualize basic 3D analytic geometry concepts typically covered in a Calculus III course. The entire box is covered in packing tape, making it dry-erase!

Some topics I introduced with it in my Calc III class: 

McNeese Department of Mathematical Sciences Office Art. Haile Gilroy (2023). Acrylic mural.

McNeese DMS Faculty and Staff submitted their "favorite thing in math".

Other Artwork 

A Wild Imagination. Haile Gilroy (2022). Acrylic on canvas. 

Inspired by the book Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.

Bayou Rum Barrel Logo Restoration. Haile Gilroy (2023). Acrylic on wood.

Song Lyrics Calligraphy. Haile Gilroy (2023). Paint pen on guitar.

This was my friend's idea for asking his dad to be his best man at his wedding. The painting he got done on the right is gorgeous!

If I'm not playing with math ideas, I'm either reading, painting/drawing, out walking, hanging with Manny (the dog), or at a Country music concert with my sister. The deal is, if I paint the portrait of whoever we go to see, she has to act crazy to get it signed.

Martina McBride | July 2021, Marksville, LA

Martina McBride. Haile Gilroy (2020). Acrylic on canvas.

Sara Evans | August 2021, Lake Charles, LA

Sara Evans. Haile Gilroy (2021). Acrylic on canvas.

Brooks & Dunn | June 2022, Lafayette, LA

Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn. Haile Gilroy (2022). Acrylic on canvas. 

The Judds Final Tour | October 2022, Duluth, GA

Naomi & Wynonna Judd. Haile Gilroy (2022). Acrylic, glitter glue, and puffy paint on canvas.

Garth Brooks | August 2022, Houston, TX

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood. Haile Gilroy (2022). Acrylic and puffy paint on canvas.

Garth liked it so much, he kept it!

The King with Chris Stapleton & Little Big Town | July 2023, Nashville, TN

The show got cut short due to weather, but thanks to the couple behind us, we still got an autograph!

No Title Necessary. Haile Gilroy (2023). Acrylic and metallic paint pen on canvas.

Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan | June 2024, Lake Charles, LA

We were too far back to bring a painting to this one (and we booked this last minute), but what a show by two legendary ladies!

Tim McGraw & Carly Pearce Standing Room Only Tour | June 2024, Biloxi, MS

Tim McGraw & Carly Pearce. Haile Gilroy (2024). Acrylic on canvas.